daily journal

A habit to success

I’m sure we all have ideals and goals we’d like to live up to and reach.

Most of us know just what we need in life that will make us happy and fulfilled. But somehow, we just can’t seem to reach the goals we aimed for. Why is that?

Consistency takes time and patience wear down too quickly.

Being consistent to create profound change is not easy. Like going to the gym. We tell ourselves, ‘Today is the day.’ And then it turned into,’Tomorrow will be ok too.’ Then,’I’ll start on Monday.’ Before you know it, a month had passed and a resolution stayed a resolution.

Or life gets in the way. It was work, family, new pet, errands, etc. I know. I have been saying the same thing.

Luckily, there is a simple way to help fix this. Low-tech even. No need to get a new app or a new gadget to help you with this either. Just a pen and a notebook.

It’s called journaling.

It’s been proven that keeping a journal is an effective way to build keystone habits. (https://www.amazon.com/Power-Habit-What-Life-Business/dp/081298160X)

Keystone habits are the little things that you add to your daily routine that carries over into other aspects of your life and cause a domino effect whether it is intentionally or unintentionally.

Daily journal is the most powerful keystone habit that can be easily acquired. If it’s done right, it can help you improve all areas of your life.

Getting it right

This is actually an easy routine to start and keep. It only takes 10 minutes before bed and after you wake up.

Take 10 minutes before bed to reflect on the day. Write down the things you are stuck with and the things you want to accomplish. Ask yourself questions about things you want to solve or resolution to challenges you are facing. Then go to sleep.

First thing in the morning, take 10 minutes to do a free writing or ‘brain dump’. Research confirmed that the brain is most active immediately after sleep (even if you’re not) and this is the best time to make the connection with your subconscious mind after it has worked and wondered over your questions over night. Just write down whatever comes to mind about the things you asked yourself the night before. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Of course, it won’t work the first times. It will take a few tries before you start getting good at this. First few entries might be all about the things you have been annoyed or frustrated over the past few months, weeks, or days.

a journal a day keeps problems away

Acknowledge your achievements

When you acknowledge things you’ve done right, you help build confidence and it will quantify your strengths.

Record every small success, even the personal ones. Like writing 500+ words today.

This also help to motivate you while you are trying to reach your goals without burning out. You get a good reality check, gain self-awareness and see a clearer path to reach your goals.

It will also help you arrange your priorities which will have the greatest impact on your life, projects and career.

So pick a notebook and your favorite pen and pick your best spot to sit and write.

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