Artwork from last week

Blue whale in watercolor by Morgan Jt

I love to write. My job and career path revolves around a lot of writing in the past few years and even most years before that. But lately, one thing I never seem to miss was painting practices. While I have been trying to write on a daily basis and struggled to do so. I have no problem painting at least once a day. I figured I’d like to put those artworks from last week together right here.

Feel free to comment or suggest anything at all.

city scene in watercolor by MorganJt

I’m rather weak when it comes to distance and landscape painting. I just don’t practice on them enough so what better way to get better but to practice more, right?

Valentine's Day card in watercolor by Morgan Jt

I know it’s not Valentine’s yet but I was just playing with the card idea. I was thinking about making a few and sell print on my Etsy shop but alas … I think I run out of time.

Kitten in color pencils by Morgan Jt

Here’s a color pencil drawing of a kitten that I worked on during that week. I think the eyes came out best. The fur needs a lot more work but at least there are some dimensions to the face. Just have to keep on practicing.

Another doodle of cats with color pencils by MorganJt

I recently bought the Never Quit Drawing (and no, this is not an affiliate link) book and the book has pages to sketch in. I don’t always use it but I try to. Sometimes I ended up painting something in one of my many sketchbooks laying around the house. This one was made with Pigma pen and color pencils.

Water color sketch by Morgan Jt

A sketch of delicious mango and sticky rice. The sticky rice came in 9 different colors and they were balled up, covered with coconut milk and served. Very delicious. So fattening but still delicious.

Sketch from picture with watercolor by Morgan Jt

Here’s another monotone sketch with watercolor paint and marker. My brother took the original picture so I just borrowed his picture to paint.

Like I mentioned before, practice makes better work.

Blue whale in watercolor by Morgan Jt

I actually liked how this one turned out very much. I kind of took the time with this one. I was helping out my parents at the steakhouse and we were really busy that day. I sketched it out in the morning then had my first layer down in the afternoon. I left it alone after the customers started to pick up in the afternoon. Then I finished the painting in the evening after I got home and had a chance to sit down and go over the details.

Time to go to work, guinea pig in watercolor by Morgan Jt

And this one was last night’s work. It doesn’t look much like shadow but I kind of like the color in it. Nothing beats a guinea pig wearing glasses. I named this painting ‘Going to work’. I got the picture from Pinterest. It was kind of fun painting this one.

So maybe I should focus more on my painting than my writing?

I’m not sure, what do you think?

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