Revealing Morganjt's pen case

Pens in my case

So I believe this is why my bag is always heavy.

Revealing Morganjt's pen case

Latest things I carry in my pen case include a number of extra cartridges for the fountain pens, USB charger for the Jot Script, 64GB USB drive, a touch up powder, a stick lipstick, short charging cords, eraser, pencil, Sharpie, 5 Papermate Inkjoy Joel pens (5 colors of course), Jot Script, 2 Pentel Touch brush pens, TWSBI fountain pen, a Rotring rapidograph pen, 2 ballpoint pens, a tank brush, a ruler and a stick of correction tape.

Other additional items include a Swiss Army knife, a flash light and a signal light.

I supposed I can remove a few things but I have found use for other seemingly useless items like the flashlight and the Swiss Army knife so I won’t get rid of those.

As my fathers daughter, I was taught to believe in being prepared. This is to a funny extent but I can never say when will I get to draw or sketch or paint so the best thing is to have the stuff with me so if I ever have the opportunity, I won’t be bummed out because I don’t have ny painting stuff with me.

But I do realized it’s heavy in the shoulder. With my full time job, carrying a backpack isn’t always the most suitable thing, especially when I have meetings with clients or events to attend. I supposed I’ll have to find a happy medium for me one of these days. Any suggestions?

This doesn’t include the other things I carry in my bag which include a sketchbook, an organizer, a compact camera, a power bank, cords for the power bank, wet tissue, coin pouch, lip balm, balm oil, house keys and a business card case.

Maybe I’m  a bit obsessed, you think?

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