so you want to write

Don’t know what to write about … join the club

so you want to write

Deepest fear of all writers … being unseen, unheard of, unread. Being criticized harshly, and thinking that we are not good enough.

I have been writing for over 10 years now. I can’t avoid it. It’s my job. I am a content manager and also freelance content writer. As a content manager, I am responsible for planning, strategizing, writing, editing content for an online marketing company … and I’m still going through the insecurities every day.

“Don’t believe everything you think.”
– Byron Katie

I’ve been re-reading a great book by Seth Godin’s The Icarus Deception. I would also recommend Jeff Goins’ The Art of Work and if you are already neck deep in writing and content marketing, Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes and Joe Pulizzi’s Epic Content Marketing are also awesome. (No, I don’t get paid for mentioning these books. These are the books that I’ve read and enjoyed. Figured you would, too.)

Anyway, let’s get back to The Icarus Deception. The book elaborated on how we have been trained and conditioned, slowly but surely, over the centuries to ‘conform’. Scary concept when you come to think about it. Being the same as everyone else is a scary thought for me now but it wasn’t always so which is kind of funny. I had always wanted to fit in and be just like everybody else but no matter how much I tried, I was always the odd one out.

I was always the outsider. I hated it that I had to be so different. But come to think about it now, that might have been a pretty good thing.

So what does this have to do with writing?

So you feel that you just want to write. You want to write. Pour out your heart and emotions and things that are stuck in your head and put them onto a page or a blog. That’s just awesome!
But what would you write about?
Some books said that everyone has a novel inside them, it’s a matter of getting it out on paper and publish. Is it really?

To me, I don’t think it is right to generalize that everyone has a “novel” inside them. I’d say that everyone has a “story” inside them that is dying to burst out. But each of us have different kinds of medium to express ourselves and some mediums are more friendly to us than others.

But there are so many great blogs out there, so many information, articles, books, ebooks out there written by people who can write better, who can express themselves better than we do. How are we to drop our stone in the pond only to see the ripple disappeared unheard, unseen?

How can we make a dent?

I had that feeling before. That’s why my blog had been so erratic over time.
I gain courage and lost it … then regained it … and lost it again.

I was wondering all the time. I was always worrying about who will read my articles, who will care, who will give a damn? Then something hit me … maybe I’m asking the wrong questions … maybe I’m looking at the wrong thing …

Then I’ve found this article written by Jeff Goins … we all want our writing to be compelling and we all want someone to appreciate it. We want to be able to communicate with the world. We want to change people’s lives with our writing, but we just don’t know if we have what it takes to do that.
It is time to stop doubting yourself. Just pick a topic you’re passionate about and write.
We all came from different path, different experience, different emotions, different ways to deal with them, and we all have different lifestyles. These personal incidents happened only to us and no one else and only you can tell it as vividly as it happened to you. You have no idea how sharing these personal stories could possibly help many out there, not until you decided to share them honestly, sincerely, and selflessly.

The only thing you would be doing if you are trying to please everyone … is ruin your writing. So start by writing for yourself first and foremost. Be honest with yourself about how you feel and why you are sharing your experience. Be a giver and don’t worry about getting anything back in return.

So … what are you going to write about? Feel free to share your articles in the comment section 🙂 Would love to read them!

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