The Short Attention Span Generation

the short attention span generation

These days, in this generation … we are all distracted at all times.
We are glued to our mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, wearables…

All the cool technology and gadgets that are supposed to be serving us and we ended up serving them and the companies who mass-produce them for the market.

The pace has become so fast that if you’d just blink, you might just miss your chance … or so we’re told.We are distracted all the time.
We are kept distracted.
We have become impatient with everything around us.

It is found that over 300,000 Thai children today are diagnosed with ADHD while the illness is found in only 5% worldwide.
Wonder why? Well, when the parents want their children to behave … they shoved the smartphone or tablet in the kids hands.
Then they wonder why their children are addicted to the phones or the tablets, or computer games.

It’s called the “ME Generation,” someone said to me today.
The generation where people don’t really listen to each other but only waiting for their turn to talk.I totally understand this though.
I have all the patience in the world for others.
I have none for myself (just like my Mom).When other people tried something new … I can give them room and time to work on their skills.
When it comes to me learning something new … I want to be an expert … NOW!
When we set up a new blog, post that new article, publish that new ebook, launch that new book … We want to be successful now or overnight like we had dreamed it would be.
We don’t want to wait for anything to build momentum because it takes time and effort … and more time and effort.

But creating any worthwhile work or art takes time and it frustrates the hell out of us because, to us, it’s not happening fast enough!
Because we want to see something now, not later!

When we apply a new strategy to our website or blog, we want to see the traffic increased now … not later.
We don’t want to wait another month to come back and look at it and adjust the strategy and wait and see … again.
We want to see the difference now, but that’s impossible. Well, it’s not always possible.
All great work of art takes time to brew, to mature.

So breathe a little.
Take a walk in the park.
Leave your phone, tablet, laptop, anything electronics at home.
For some, please expect some sort of discomfort or panic attack.
But it’s going to be OK. It’s just a withdraw symptoms.

Just be with yourself for a while without any distractions.
Give yourself time for the new idea to brew and mature and give yourself the time to think it over … slowly.
Give yourself and your ideas time to grow and mature.

So when you apply something new to your blog … do that and chill out for a while.
Take a breathe. Walk away from the computer. Forget about it … for the time being.

Give it a little bit of love.
Give it a little bit of time.
See how it grows …

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