The wagyu in watercolor

This is a quick sketch using a black waterproof brush pen on the back of the menu (oops) of one of the dishes served at the Sake Dinner Experience at Eat Me Restaurant with Mead Asia: Ohmi Wagyu + Maitake mushroom with beef reduction + thyme + kampot pepper served with Issho Silver Imo Shochu, Kagoshima Prefecture 

And below is the finished product after applying the watercolor (Shinhan Watercolor)

Missing the sea

I was really trying something when I painted this one.

Most of my paintings don’t always seem to turn out the way I had in mind but they don’t turn out half as bad as I thought they would.

I guess I must be making some progress, at least, I sure hope so!

Watercolor on Arches watercolor paper 300gsm rough grain 10x25cm.

Temple of Dawn – Wat Arun

The painting of Wat Arun or the Temple of Dawn in watercolor on Moulin du Roy 300gsm rough grain watercolor paper with Escoda watercolor brushes.

This one posed a bit of a challenge because I was over thinking the details I thought I should include.

But in the end, it turned out quite well so I’m happy.

Temple of Dawn in watercolor by Morgan Jt