What cheers you up?

There are bound to be time and time again when you feel just totally burnt.

Just want to give it all up.

Why try? Why fight? … Why bother …

Do you have that one thing you can always turn to and get your ‘magic’ back?

It took me the longest time to find mine … but I’ve found it and I’d like to share this little piece of powerful poem with you.


Invictus poem

If all the commas and other punctuations aren’t in the right places, my apologies (to grammar police out there).

I think you’re expecting me to write something here, something about this poem that just inspires me and bring back that fire … Nope, not going to do that. Because, in fact, it’s nothing like that.

It’s the fact that I’ve heard Morgan Freeman recite this poem. Every time I read this poem, I’d always read it in his voice (for some weird reason). The movie, Invictus, is a great and inspiring movie as well (and I don’t even like Rugby).

It’s the poem itself and what it says that give me strength.

We all have been through hell (in our own ways) and no one … and I mean absolutely NO ONE can help you get out of it if you hadn’t decided to get out of it yourself first. Helping hands are great but you have to help yourself first and foremost, otherwise, millions of helping hands will not do anything for you.

So … what keeps you going when you hit the tough spot? What brings back your ‘magic’ when you felt like your life has beaten you into a pulp? Please share, I’d love to hear what keeps you going.

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