What I learned from living a “Portfolio Life”

What I learned from living a “Portfolio Life”

Living portfolio life

How many of you out there call yourself a “writer”?
How many of you are working as a writer full-time?

Being writers, I am sure we all have gone through a lot of ups and downs before we get to where we are today. Let me share a bit of my portfolio life‘s journey with you guys.

You are not just what you do. You were made for more than just one thing. Your life is a portfolio of activities, all of which make you who you are. – Jeff Goins, Portfolio Life

I didn’t start working as a writer but I did want to. There are 2 things that I could not remove from my life totally: writing and art, especially painting.

I started off as a receptionist/office assistant/paper pusher for about 3 years. In all that time, I was trying to build myself as a freelance writer/translator. I went through all online sites and ended up with a couple that actually brought me some good projects. It ebbs and flows, as the nature of freelance jobs, of course. But I had to start somewhere, right?

I was still living at home at this time. (FYI: For Thailand, it’s actually normal for kids to live with their parents until well into their 30’s, 40’s, or even longer than that. In fact, my parents are still living at home because technically, it’s my grandma’s house. But that’s just the way our culture works in Thailand.)

Then I landed a job as an office manager/production coordinator at a start-up production company. I salute anyone who are professional production coordinators. I had more coffee than I ever had in a year in a day.

I worked as a news/media translator for a media monitoring company. I LOVED every minute of it. I even loved the fact that I had to get up at 4am to reach the office at 7am and get off work no later than 2pm. (The office location was so far from my house, or vice versa.)

I landed (accidentally) an office manager/sales/webmaster/fight and event coordinator job at a pretty famous Muay Thai gym. Challenging, fun, dynamic, and I get my exercise for free. (This is my first experience with WordPress.)

For a plot twist, I went to work with my BFF as an office administrator for an opera production company. Quite a leap from one to another industries.

Finally landed a full time content writer job after that. I had my LinkedIn to thank for. Even if the title is ‘Content Writer,’ that’s not all that I did when I was working there. I was managing a troop of interns who get shuffled from data entry to marketing to content writing. I coordinated with IT and developer team to update web content. Coordinated with marketing team for affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing tasks. My attitude that got me through all the work was that I get to write full-time and that they were paying me to come to school. I was learning so many things I was having a hard time getting a grasps of it all.

Today, I am a full-fleged content writer, content manater for an international start-up company backed by a great organization. I am struggling, of course, but that’s because of the learning curve which is really high. But I’m hoping that I can keep up and grow with the company.

I’ve learned that if you are willing to learn and is eager to do so, people are also wiling to give you the opportunity to do so. I’ve also learned that learning and mastering a craft you love takes about a life time. Not because it’s hard or impossible to learn. It’s impossible to absolutely master a craft. But it’s something that we all need to pursue in order to fulfill our life’s purpose.

I feel like I’m on the right path but the journey is yet to be over and I can’t wait to see what’s waiting for me.

What about you?

Have you ever had this kind of feelings? What do you do with it? Please share your experience in the comment or feel free to email me. I would love to hear from you.

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