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About Me …

I’m a writer, an artist and a creative. I will share with you my thoughts and passion for writing, food and travel and creating work.

It is my belief that humans are creative beings. Everyone has their own gift that they should share with the world. My goal is to share with you my life as a creative being and also to help you find ways to bring out and share the work that you are passionate about with the world.

So, join me and together, let’s see how far the rabbit hole goes … take the blue pill (I mean subscribe to this blog).

You can follow my Instagram for a more timely update on where I am and what I’m doing.

Morgan Jt

Love food? Love sightseeing? Happens to be in Bangkok or in Thailand?

morganjt.com is here to provide you latest foodies/travel/event updates in and around town, answer any questions you may have or want to suggest us to scout out places and locations.

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