9 ways to kill your brand with social media

It is undeniable in this day and age that social media has become a very important part of brand marketing no matter what kind of business or niche you are in. It’s a must-have and that’s all there is to it. But then why some brand shine and some fail with social media?

But on the other hand, sending the wrong messages can be devastating to your brand. There are so many ways you can get your social media done right, but today let’s look at things you might’ve done with social media (whether by mistake, some misunderstanding, unknowingly, or just a big oops) that could really kill your brand …

Social media marketing is a beast that’s not hard to tame but taming is required. If your brand is active on social media but you created content that’s not relatable to your target audience, you’re at a loss. It’s like writing a letter to one person but then mail it to the wrong address.

9 ways to kill your brand with social media 

1. Must Be Everywhere

You just started a business. You want to get the word out to anyone and everyone that you can reach so you get on ALL social media channels, right?


Being everywhere might have its value but in a business sense, being everywhere is like being nowhere. Some social networks are good for one and not the other. Facebook is not Twitter. Pinterest is not LinkedIn. Each channel has their tone and audience and they have some rules.

Image posts are good on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Business-related topics are great on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, etc.

2. Be A Bully

Kindness works everywhere, online and offline. It pays to be humble and generous. If someone struck a cord and pissed you off online, the best way is to deal with it in person with direct communication.

Getting back with aggression is not acceptable both offline and online. Bullying and over aggressiveness will only drive business and trust out the door. It will kill your credibility.

3. Mr. And Ms. Invisible

So you’re finally on Twitter … but you’re still an egg … as a brand … seriously? When you follow other people whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, don’t you want to SEE who you’re connecting with? Have a face to go with the name, at least? Same feeling for those who follow you.

Smartphones have cameras and selfie options, beautify app and everything similar is at your fingertips. It only takes 10 minutes and maybe 10-20 selfies (if you’re me) to get one good one, worthy of the revered profile slot. And you only need one profile image for all your social media profiles anyway.

4. If I Posted Often Enough … Something Will Happen

In fact, human beings are creatures of habits. We like something that’s reliable and consistent. If your social media strategy is ‘if I post often enough, something will definitely happen’, you can be certain that it won’t work. That’s like throwing a rock in any direction and hope it will hit someone.

Establish yourself as a thought leader in the niche or industry. To do this, you can’t be random. You need to pick and choose your content carefully and thoughtfully. Be on top of all the buzz topics and news and make sure your content resonate with the right audience so you’ll never have to pray to get shared.

5. Treat Customer As A Unit

Social media marketing creates a two-way communication between the brand and the fans and too many brands are treating all their fans as one and the same unit rather than an individual and that is dehumanizing the fans.

Audience targeting is important, of course, but creating and building the human to human connection is vital to creating the brand evangelists.

6. Post Like A Reruns On Cable TV

So you are promoting an event or a launch or a super giveaway, awesome! Now that you’ve done that, leave me alone.

About 80-90% of social media posts are talking all about the same promotion. You want to promote your stuff. Social networks reach people far and wide. But if you post the same thing over and over and over and over again … getting my drift?

Repetition is boring and social media doesn’t like anything boring.

7. Not Being Active

It’s a given, isn’t it? No, you don’t have to post something every day. If you are a busy executive of a startup company and you just don’t have the time to curate and post your content on social media networks, no fret! There are so many tools out there where you can schedule your social media posts ahead of time and not requiring you to be there to press ‘publish’.

I’m a fan of ‘Buffer‘ myself. (No, I don’t get paid for this. Refer back to No. 5 ‘Treat Customer As A Unit’) All I have to do is download the Buffer chrome extension and I’m good to go. Plan out my articles, curate content, everything is scheduled with just a few clicks away.

8. Think Social Media Is a Side Thing

Today, social media has become so important in digital marketing that it should be integrated into your overall marketing strategy rather than be treated as a side thing. Treating it as the real thing is the only way to create fan’s loyalty.

9. No Spam!

Not everything is about numbers. You can have healthy and successful business with less number of followers on your social media networks if those followers are engaged with your brand constantly.

But many businesses and brands still rely on purchasing likes and follows which is just a bad idea altogether. The purpose of social media strategy is to create connections, partnerships, and engagements … a buzz.

So don’t bother buying fans, it doesn’t work.

Loyalty is earned , not bought and there’s no shortcut either.

So there you have it, 9 ways to kill your brand with social media, do you have something else you have experienced that’s not included in this article? Please add in the comment below.

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