Knowing why I write keeps me on a path that I want to be on. It helps to remind myself that this is exactly where I chose to be. 
I knew I was going to be a writer. A writer of what, I didn’t know. I always knew I have to write and I made sure that no matter what job I landed on, writing is a big part of it. 

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A career in writing

There’s much more to a career in writing than just journalist or novelist. I started my writing career from writing keyword-centric articles for content mills (since black hat SEO was the common practice). 
Then I moved on to become a content writer for online marketing companies. A few years later, a couple of companies after, I landed a job as a managing editor for a local magazine. 
These days, I turned to working as a PR Consultant and blogging. And I found out that public relations work involves a lot (I mean, A LOT) or writing as well.
Everyone writes for different reasons. Some write in hopes to become famous one day, some write just to experience its enjoyment, some write for clarity and the list goes on. 
Though I have to say that writing is a tough industry to be. Criticism can be harsh. And working as a writer can seem like a thankless job but I don’t think I’d given it up for the world. Here are the reasons why.

16 reasons why I write

1. I cannot not create. 
2. If I don’t write, my words will never get out there. So I write.
3. I’m quite obsessed with journaling and I do it daily, sometimes twice a day or more.
4. Writing is my personal emotional outlet.
5. Writing gives me purpose.
6. I have stories in me that I need to share.
7. I write to connect. 
8. Writing lets me find out about things I never knew about me.
9. Writing has been my knight and shiny armor. Through the years, it’s been the only most consistent thing in my life, in my jobs that has helped lead me to where I am today.
10. Writing is an ever-changing, ever-evolving thing. It grows. 
11. People love great content and they are starving for it.
12. Writing helps calm me down.
13. When I’m bored and don’t know what to do, writing is my best cure.
14. Writing is a versatile art form. 
15. Writing conveys my thought which is my own and no one else can take that away from me.
16. Writing feeds my passion and motivation. 
17. I’m making my own immortality. My writing will last even after I’m dead and gone.


Take 10 minutes and write down the reasons why you write. Don’t worry if you don’t have a long list to show. One is an accomplishment since this question can be quite overwhelming. When the time is up, post your answer in the comment section below. 

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